What are meals like in a homestay?

Your host family will provide breakfasts and dinners. (You will purchase your own lunch.) Dining with your host family is a great way to enjoy homemade Japanese food, learn Japanese manners and customs, and have family conversation.

If the host family has a set time for meals, please adjust your schedule as best you can to that time. If you come back home late or must miss dinner, tell your host family well in advance. Preparing a meal usually involves a great deal of time and thought on the part of your host mother.

During your stay, there might be a time when your host family cannot prepare a meal. In this case, we ask host parents to prepare something in advance so that you can heat it up. If you prefer to cook, please ask the host family how to use the kitchen.

Not all families are the same. Your family may happily give you kitchen privileges, or they may not. Be sensitive to your own situation.